Child Step Stool

Child Step Stool

Potty Training Can Be One Of The Most Stressful Milestones For Both Toddlers And Parents. It Does Not Have To Be For You!
Thanks to its contour shape, this step stool fits nicely around the toilet and offers a sense of safety and stability for your kid, who can now easily reach the target. The stool also helps your toddlers sit on the toilet on their own and even to wash their hands when they are done.Your little one will definitely love being able to use the toilet without needing any help!


The anti slip lining on the bottom and non-slip dots on the top side of the stool prevent the stool from slipping or sliding and your kid from falling. Ideal for any floor surface.Because safety comes first!

With 2 handy finger holes on the sides, and weighting just 15.2 ounces your little ones can easily pick up and carry the stool around themselves. Great also for camping, hotel stays and more!

Coming in a nice and neutral white-blue color this step stool matches with any bathroom and can be easily stored away when not in use. You can also wipe it clean in seconds!


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